Who are we?

The team

Though our team is small, each member is a titan of talent, bringing a wealth of expertise to our collective table. Our rich background in mobile and VR development empowers us to forge products that are not only optimized but robust and of unparalleled quality.

This synergy of skills and experience is our secret to crafting standout solutions.


Much like the "garage" companies of old, we've set up a mini office right at home. We've organized our workspace and gotten down to business. Nonetheless, we're fully aware that the place where you work should reflect what you do.

Although our office is modest, it's incredibly cozy! Plus, one of the perks of having a "home" office is that at any moment, one of our cats might drop by, or even our dog, Marshall!

Our mission

We're all about creating games that everyone can enjoy - it's as simple as that! Each of us is, first and foremost, a gamer. This shared passion deeply enriches our discussions on gameplay mechanics, allowing everyone to draw upon their own gaming experiences to craft the best gameplay visions possible. Currently, our focus is on VR games. We believe that VR represents the future of gaming, and we're committed to being at the forefront of this exciting frontier.

We're investing heavily in research and development in this area, aiming to unlock the full potential of VR gaming - that's one of our key objectives. But at the heart of it all, our work is our hobby. We're having fun creating games, hoping to bring joy to others as well. Making games that others can enjoy is our primary goal.


Alexander Bakhtin

CEO, Head Developer, Artist

Alexander Bakhtin

Alexander is the lead developer and CEO of our tight-knit team. He's a jack-of-all-trades, diving into coding, art, marketing, and design. It’s easier to list what he doesn’t do. He's our driving force, so to speak.

Ekaterina Suvorova

Game Designer, Scriptwriter

Ekaterina Suvorova

Ekaterina serves as our chief inspiration and a remarkable Game Designer and scriptwriter, turning innovative ideas into captivating stories. She's an endless source of creative solutions and also shines as a mathematical genius. Her unique blend of creativity and analytical skills makes her an invaluable asset to our team, guiding us toward new heights.

Yuri Bakhtin

Head Developer, Tech Lead

Yuri Bakhtin

Yuri is the master architect behind Retronika, a real brainiac and Mr. "Handyman" himself. He's the lead on all things technical in our project, steering the ship with his expert knowledge and skills.

Alexey Suvorov

Developer, Game Designer

Alexey Suvorov

Alexey is another one of our mathematical prodigies, an ace programmer, and the soul of our company. He has an eye for details that others might miss and can simplify the most complex problems with ease. Without him, we wouldn’t have made it this far. His ability to see clear solutions in a maze of challenges is what sets him apart.